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What is Seaside School?

Seaside School is a former one room schoolhouse located in the small community of San Gregorio in San Mateo County, California. See the history section to learn about its past.

After closing in the early 1950s, Seaside School was unused until Cabrillo Unified School District offered it for sale at public auction. The owners of the adjoining property purchased Seaside School with the intent of preserving the character of the building. Other former one room schools in the county have been substantially changed with some converted to residences.

What is Seaside School dot org?

There is no formal organization. We are simply a local family.

Why do you have this website?

The seasideschool.org site is intended to inform site visitors about Seaside School. The internet is an inexpensive and efficient medium for sharing information with anyone with an interest in the area. Since we are often asked questions about Seaside School by passers-by we felt this was the best way to share.

What is Seaside School Ridge?

Seaside School Ridge is a local property purchased by Peninsula Open Space Trust in 2004. Read POST's press release to learn more. Other than the similarity in names, there is no connection. However, some newspaper articles may have given a different impression.

Is Seaside School open to the public?

No. While the family has always welcomed interested passers-by when family members are present, we ask that the public respect that fact that Seaside School is private property.

What are future plans for Seaside School?

The family plans to keep the schoolhouse as it is, in its historic condition. It may appear that nothing is being done to "fix up" the building. However, when the green trim needed repainting a few years ago, rather than applying a stark new green that would have approximated the original "like new" trim, the faded color was carefully matched.

Our senior family member has always had an interest in alternative energy and is looking into the feasibility of a small wind generator to provide electricity. We are also experimenting with fog water collection.

One family member has been farming organically for years, and another is documenting the biological diversity of the property, with Seaside School being the future repository of plant and insect specimens.