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The following articles were collected by the owners of Seaside School and are posted here to acquaint readers with the history of the schoolhouse. A more in-depth treatment will soon follow.

Seaside School District

The Seaside School District was formed from territory which was once part of the original Bell and Purisima Districts in 1871. In the early days it was often called the Tornatos District although there is no clear reason for the name unless it was an error for Tunitas. The first petition of the people of this area used this term 1 and an objection to the formation of the district by the residents of the Bell District also used the name.

The school is located near the mouth of the San Gregorio Creek, but the original building was about a mile further up the creek and the present location. 2

In 1931 the residents of this district, along with those of the Bell and La Honda Districts, voted to form the La Vista Union School District, the first organization of this type to occur in SAn Mateo County. In 1946 the union district was dissolved by the vote of the people, and the three districts were again separate entities.

1Seaside School Distict, School Distirct File, Office of the San Mateo County Clerk, Redwood City California
2 San Mateo County Times-Gasette, XIX (June 8, 1878

Excerpted from San Mateo County Times Gazette, June 8, 1878:

The school in this district is located on the Coast Road at San Gregorio, near where the San Gregorio emptys into the ocean. The district was organized in 1871, being the twentieth in order, organized in the county.

Previous to 1875 the school house was about one mile up the creek from the present site. There being some misunderstanding about the title of the ground at that location, and the citizens of that district thinking that a more central location could be selected a special tax of $1000 was raised, the present site selected and the school house taken down and rebuilt. The house as lastly put up is substantial and comfortable, being well provided with good furniture. The number of census children in the district never has been very large, ranging from twenty-three to forty-five until last year, when the number was fifty-nine, a much larger number than they had any previous year. The school has always had an attendance of pupils which was more than an average of the percentage of the number of census children when compared with other districts.

Mrs. E. K. Miller, Alfrend F. Hills and Chas. B. Gray are among the teachers who have taught in this school. The present teacher is Miss Ida B. Woods of San Francisco, who comes highly recommend and is making an excellent beginning. Like most of our other schools, the time of opening the Spring term has been a little later than usual on account of heavy storms and bad roads. The present attendance is about thirty with some pupils well advanced. The Board of Trustees have invariably taken a working interest in the school. The present Board is composed of the following members Alexander Gordon, Wm. Richardson and J. H. Osgood. Mr. Osgood, the Clerk of the Board, who has himself had extended experience in the school-room, attends promptly to all the duties devolving upon him.

G. P Hartley, County Superintendent

Unknown source:

I don't have an attribution for this one. This came from some typewritten notes found in a file folder. I'm currently trying to track down where it came from:

The location of the first school was on the Montevaldo Ranch, near Ralson's gate. The first teacher was a Mr. White, an elderly man who came in 1866. He was not a teacher, but he had had an education. The fist class consisted of about 28 students of varying ages. The term of school was determined by the crop season of the farmers, as economic reasons and lack of labor forced the entire family to participate in the farm work.

Two later teachers were Captain Jinks and Arthor Pogee Lynch. But not being certificated teacher their ability was limited.

Enos Ralston remembers Ben Haver, a graduate of Stanford University as being the first trained teacher to come to the balley. Mr. Haver was first teacher to use a curriculum.

The location of the present school is approximately 200 yards past the junction. It is situated on the left slope of the main highway.

The first teacher to assemble classes in this little one room schoolhouse was Miss Seimms.

From the San Gregorio Letter, signed by Col. Zig Zag:

3-20-1875 Our school house has moved into town and located itself on a lot purchased from Lewis Dale. It has been refitted and painted throughout and for comfort and finish will compare with any school house on the coast. School will be opened by Mrs. E. Miller, Monday, 22nd inst.

The following may also be from the same source:

4-14-1877 The Seaside School opened last week with Charles R. Gray formerly of San Bruno as teacher.

7-23-08 Seaside School opened Monday last with Miss Edna Stone of S. F. as teacher. 20 scholars were in attendance.